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   If you read my story on the previous page then you know I have overcome some pretty hard obstacles in my life! I learned how to change the hardships I encountered in life into turning points and weaknesses into strengths. I have been known to do the same with the programs I have run for some of the local organizations and talks I have had. People walk away inspired, in a more positive state of mind, and feeling like they can overcome any obstacles in their way! :-)

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Talks & Programs 

   As I was saying, I have run some pretty great programs for places like Jeremiah's Inn, Veterans Inc, and Washburn House all in Worcester, and Spectrum Detox in West borough MA. people have come to me after I talk to them and tell me that I have changed their lives! This is just as inspirational for me as my program was for them!

I treat anyone sitting in my programs like they're equal to me and everyone there. I'm straightforward, to the point, no fluff added because in life there is no fluff! I tell it like it is and that's what gets the message across, and the message is that nothing hits harder than life. Life has no remorse, things happen in life that will make you want to crawl into a hole and hide! If you learn the right coping skills though than you will survive it; and no one knows the right ones for you, except for you! My story is just that, I had no choice especially when my son was born but to overcome anything life threw at me and be motivated every day no matter what happened the day before, and that has made me into an inspiration for a lot of people. I found the coping skills that work for me! :-) 

   Situational Awareness/Anti Bullying for Emelentry Students - I call this one Operation: Safety in Motion and it's turning into one of my most popular programs! I talk about the key elements of situational awareness with children such as being aware of changes in their lives, trusting your gut and staying focused on the here and now, bullying awareness; knowing what bullying is, the signs to look for, and what to do if your friends are being bullied. The importance of standing up for yourself and others. I also talk about positive command words and personal space, and internet safety. Lastly, I speak about the 8 Ds of Wellness I created for children and some of the best coping skills to support your children through rough times like being bullied. 

I'm developing a children's book that goes along with this too that is going to be revolutionary!

   Motivational (My story) - How I lived with PTSD 40+ years of my life and overcame obstacles such as homelessness, bullying, and traumatic loss of significant loved ones to become a motivational inspiration to many people.

   Trauma-Informed - This is created as a peer-based recovery service to educate people on the effects of trauma such as P.T.S.D. and learn coping skills that will help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle.  

   Positive Thinking - I discuss the transformation to becoming a more positive thinker and to direct your thoughts towards the positive karma and success in life, learn the secret to having a better and more productive life that lays within this program! :-) 

   Self Protection - I must admit, this is my favorite program to teach! Learn how to think your way out of a dangerous situation. A little secret that most people teaching self-defense seminars don't tell you is that it takes 90 hours to learn a technique to use it effectively in a potentially dangerous situation. It is safer not to mention easier to learn how to stay out harm's way, to begin with, which is what I teach you in this program, how to defend yourself without using your fists!  

Prices for each program vary, please contact me for details using the contact page on this website. 

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