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I give hope and inspiration to young adults who’ve been through tough times so they can find peace and start over, reaching their untapped potential.


Motivational Speaking 

What to Expect

My audience will get my best motivational speech, geared specifically to you. I put my real-life experiences into the talks I perform. I give the audience an empowered feeling of resiliency as they leave my events. I leave them with a call to action to stand tall and share their scars as they move forward. For our scars do not define us, they are part of our stories. Not a determination of our worth. I give them the power to rewrite their narratives to turn another page.

Additional Booking Notes

Part of my talk includes my survival of a suicide attempt. I require a means to show a video of those gains in life I received post attempt such as my kids, my books, and other blessings. I also require a stage with sufficient light and sound. For smaller crowds, I require chairs that we can put in a circle for a more personal experience.


When you hire me for a speaking gig, you can have me go to your favorite charity in the New England area for free. 

Client must set up the initial conversation with the charity. 

Contact me through 

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