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Steps to Acceptance;
The Loss of a Loved One

    In every book I write, I combine life experience and research I've done on the subject, Footprints is no different. In the research that I have done for this book, I looked at the 5-7 stages of grief, denial, guilt, anger, bargaining, depression, awakening (upward turn), reconstruction of your life, and acceptance.


     I began to think about them all, this is what Footsteps focuses upon. Talking about each one and how to get from the shock of stage one (denial) to the seventh stage (acceptance). Keep in mind though that these do not go in order, for instance with one of the most profound deaths in my life, my uncle; I began bargaining before the actual death took place. This can often happen when someone has a disease like cancer, or life-threatening injuries. Anger can be the same, and so can depression.


    My point is though, they do not go in the order I will be discussing them in this book. Just like coping skills, it is different for everyone. Then we will focus on some coping skills that can support you while going through these stages and trying to move on with your life.

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