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I love public speaking and interviews! To me, they help bring my books and my mission to life. If you wish to interview me about my books or speak at an event you're having; please go to the contact section on my website.


I'd love to come on your show or be a speaker at your outings. Let's talk! :-)  

Radio shows & Podcasts! 

TV shows

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Recorded and soon to be released! 

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Podcast Reviews


THE EMBC NETWORK Featuring: ihealthradio and Worldwide...

3 Jan 2023

Charles is phenomenal and has an incredible survivorship story that must be heard and shared, he brings hope to people and makes a difference day in day out, he has endured so much in life, and he is determined to help others so that they can have a better future. Thank you, Charles for a Fantastic Show and the great work you do.


6 Dec 2022

Charles was great on the TherapyBites podcast today and a wealth of real life, street level information that we believe will really speak to our listeners.  It was a laid back conversation packed with down-to-Earth wisdom and ready-to-use life strategies.

The Pain Game Podcast

2 Dec 2022

Charles is nothing short of WOW. He has been through more traumas than I can count, and is alive to talk about them all! He is honest, vulnerable, has a great sense of humor through it all, and was a wonderful guest to have on the show!

Speak LOUD

18 Nov 2022

Excellent Guest!

Overcomers Overcoming

8 Nov 2022

Charles is a survivor of a traumatic life growing up. He was orphaned at the age of eleven, a homeless veteran, and survived a suicide attempt. In this podcast he shared his strong will and determination to not let life situations rule his life. His heart is to help others that have life challenges to work through them and come out on the other side a person of confident resolve. He states, “you can overcome the worst life has to offer and use your pain as a building block in support of others.” You can contact Charles at and learn of his seven audible self-help books. Highly Recommended.

Empath And The Narcissist: Healing Guide from Abuse and PTSD

2 Nov 2022

Great guest. Punctual, friendly, open, and informative.

Towardabetterlife's podcast

31 Oct 2022

Very open to discussing PTSD along with his past to help others!  A good guest who is helpful with awareness about PTSD and what can be done to help people with it. 


31 Oct 2022

Not only has Charles led a very traumatic life but he has created lots of books to help others in similar circumstances. Your listeners will benefit

Deal By Me Podcast

18 Oct 2022

This interview was great and Charles met all of my expectation.  He was very transparent and honest.  An awesome interview.

Ordinary people's extraordinary stories

3 Oct 2022

Wow just wow, Charles has had a bit of a life and I thank him for sharing it and can't wait to get him on my live show.

Dead America

26 Sep 2022

Charles is a powerhouse! I loved settling in and getting to know Charles. He added great value for my listeners interest.


Now Tell Us

20 Sep 2022

Charles has a touching story and is inspirational. You should have him on your show.


Crime Over Cocktails

8 Sep 2022

Charles is such an amazing man who overcame so many obstacles and instead of giving up he wants to help others with their journey.

The Scuttlebutt Podcast

1 Sep 2022

What a story, and what a guy. Sense of humor still in tact, and more wisdom than could ever fit in one episode/session. Cannot wait to sit back down with a Charles (not Chris) haha

Drive On Podcast

25 Aug 2022

Charles has an incredibly inspirational story. Through all the heartache and loss he experienced in his youth to hitting rock bottom, then picking himself back up again. He's made it his mission to help others who have found themselves in similar situations.

Heidi's LemonAid Stand

11 Aug 2022

Inspiring story about all that he has overcome and how he is helping others! Thanks!

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