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My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by this new world of uncertainty we find ourselves in. Stay safe everyone!


    My name is Charles Smith, I use the term Life Long Experience L.L.E. because that's what I offer, I have lived with Compounded Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for going on 40 years now and have been in long-term addiction recovery since 1993 Army Infantry Basic training as my detox. In my books, I add real-life experiences. I do this for the people who have to live with this every day from Veterans like myself to civilians who were dealt a bad hand like I was.


    My books are designed to make you really think about your wellness, from mental health to your safety and security in life. They are direct and to the point, because when you're overwhelmed you need to get refocused; you want something that's going to deliver answers quickly, not just a band-aid to cover up the wounds.

    Someone once told me "Nothing hits harder than life" and that is so true! I'm an Army Infantry Veteran, Author, Certified Peer Support Specialist, and have a vast knowledge of Compounded Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Complex-P.T.S.D., addiction recovery, and practical awareness through my own life experiences, experience in these fields in a working/professional capacity, and a ton of research!  My books are designed to support you through life's challenges, and break through the walls of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and/or addiction so you can live a fuller, and happier life! :-) 

     I ask you to trust me and my experience because it's tried and true. My first three books were programs I created and ran at various outreach and homeless facilities for veterans and people in recovery; the results were astounding! If my books and experience can help them and support them in their recovery, it is my hope that they can be for you as well. 

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